Our Nashville Mural Bus Tours offer a unique experience to locals or anyone visiting Nashville, TN. Nashville has a wealth of amazing Murals showcased throughout by renowned artists. These beautiful pieces can be seen all throughout Nashville's districts: The Gulch, 12 South, North Nashville, West Nashville, East Nashville, Downtown, and The Nations. Enjoy a seat on our air-conditioned, luxury shuttles as we take you or your group to all the best Nashville Murals.

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Nashville's Most Instagramable Tour

We visit the most sought after destinations in Nashville, TN. Here's just sample of famous mural landmarks our mural tours take you and your group.

We tour through Nashville's hottest areas.

  • 12th South
  • Gulch
  • North Gulch
  • East Nashville
  • and more...
Nashville Mural Tour
Nashville Mural Tour
Nashville Mural Tour
Nashville Mural Tour


How many people does the Nashville Mural Shuttle hold?

Each Nashville Mural Shuttle holds up to 25-guests

Do we get the opportunity to leave the shuttle and take pictures?

Yes! Our Nashville Mural Tours offer you plenty of time to take a lot of pictures!

How many murals will we see during the Nashville Mural Tour?

The Nashville Mural Tour takes you to 8 - 10 murals during the trip.

How long is the Nashville Mural Tour?

The Nashville Mural Tour is 3-hours.

When is payment due for the Nashville Mural Tour?

All Nashville Mural Tour payments are due upon booking.

Will the Nashville Mural Tour be cancelled if it rains?

We can operate during rain if your private party wants to proceed. For any tour that can not be performed due to rain or severe weather, a voucher will be provided that is good for 1-year from your initial booking date.

Are children allowed on the Nashville Mural Tour?

The Nashville Mural Tour is appropriate for older children, ages 10 and up.

Reservations that are sold by the seat are the same price regardless of a person's age.

How much walking is required?

You will be walking 1-3 blocks at each stop.

Do we get out and take pictures?

Yes. There will be many opportunities to take pictures outside of the shuttle.

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